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From 31 Aug 2020 onwards, all in-house solemnizations will be at the Registry of Marriages Building at 7 Canning Rise.
From 4 Aug 2020 onwards, solemnizations at other re-opened venues will be allowed a limit of up to 50 persons, or the safe capacity of the venue, whichever is lower. In-person solemnizations at home, at the Registry of Marriages and designated area(s) at the National Museum of Singapore will continue to be subject to a limit of 10 persons. These limits exclude the Licensed Solemnizer, the interpreter (if required), and any other vendors allowed to resume business for your solemnizations.
Please refer here for the safe management measures for solemnizations. You may also refer to MTI's GoBusiness website ( if you have more questions.
You may also wish to refer to the following for more information:
The Licensed Solemnizer may refuse to proceed with the solemnization if safe management measures are not complied with. Couples and venue operators are also responsible to ensure that these measures are adhered to for activities outside the solemnization.

Thank you for playing your part in keeping our loved ones and our community safe!
Solemnization and Registration of Marriages via Video Link
To be eligible for verification of documents & statutory declaration (VD/SD) and solemnization via video-link, you will need to meet the following criteria:

bullet point At least one party must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
bullet point Must only have Singapore-issued documents (e.g. NRIC, divorce certificate (if applicable), or death certificate of ex-spouse (if applicable)).
bullet point The bride, groom and the 2 witnesses must be physically in Singapore.
bullet point Both the bride and groom must be aged 21 and above at the point of solemnization.
bullet point Valid notice of marriage filed at least 21 days before your intended date of solemnization.
For more details on the requirements and processes, please click on the links below:
bullet point For couples who have already filed a notice of marriage.
bullet point For couples who have not filed a notice of marriage.
View calendar to see when you should file your notice for your desired solemnization date.
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Registering Your Marriage at ROM
Remember to give at least 21 day notice of your intended marriage (  File notice of marriage )
pdf icon Marriage Process at a Glance (  English / Mandarin / Malay / Tamil )
pdf icon Marriage Process Checklist (  English only )
For Minors (Below 21 years of age), click here for more information.

Find a Solemnizer
Select Solemnizer to invite for solemnization at venue outside ROM ( View List here )

Quick Links
1)  Print “Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage” Form
2)  View sample “ Certificate of Attendance” for mandatory Marriage Preparation Programme for Minors
3)  Click Here for Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
4)  View schedule of fees payable here

Marriage Tip
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ROM website is undergoing a system maintenance on 13 August 2020 (Thursday), from 6pm to 7pm, and will not be available during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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Scheduled System Maintenance
ROM website is undergoing a system maintenance on 16 August 2020 (Sunday), from 12am to 8am, and will not be available during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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COVID-19 Travel Declaration
In view of the current COVID-19 situation, if you or your accompanying guests have travelled overseas recently within 14 days of your appointment at the Registry of Marriages (ROM), please notify ROM before your appointment date. Fill up the form at or contact us at 6338 7808.
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In view of the current COVID-19 situation, please access our e-services instead of visiting our office to minimise your time spent in public places. If you need to reschedule your pre-arranged appointment, you can call us at 6338 7808 for our review. Rest assured that you will continue to receive quality service through our e-services.
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